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Remember those re-usable pads, I mentioned in my previous public post?
Here is my experience, impressions and tips:

So recently I bought pads from:

I tried those reusable cloth pads. I accidentally ordered one, instead of two. The one I got was made of 2 thin layers: the top part was a thinner grey cotton material and the bottom part was made of the absorbent blue material. There were 'wings' with metal buttons, to put the pad on.

I've decided trying out something different, than liners. Being a bit short on money and all. The liners didn't seem to come along with mine. So I made a slit (about 3 cm) on the front side of the top cotton part and stitched along the edges of the slit, so it doesn't become bigger. Inside the slit I pushed several cotton balls, then, when it was time, I took out the cotton balls from the pad with tweezers, wrapped them in a tissue and threw them out, after replacing them within the pad with fresh cotton balls. During the day, I would sometimes gently sweep the top cotton part of the pad with a bit of Cetaphil gentle soap and tissue. That seemed to work OK for a couple of days. Then my period became less strong and I needed to wash the pad.

I didn't want to wash it in the machine, because gentle hand-wash seemed like a good idea, to make the pad last longer. So I put some gentle baby shampoo in some water, soaked the pad in that mix for about 7-10 minutes, then washed it gently, wrung it out by hands and hung it up on the line in our bathroom to dry, using plastic pegs, because they are less likely to rust.

By that time I made a simple pad for less heavy days, from a couple of rectangular pieces of an old flannel shirt, which I stitched together, filling it on the inside with some old white bandage material. I also made to 'handles' from the flannel material on the two sides of the pad, so that it can be easily tied to my underwear and keep in place. After a couple more days I washed that pad in the same way as the one I bought and hung it up to dry.

The pad that I bought and washed seemed clean. The other one seemed clean too.

I've been using them since and I'm quite happy.

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