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Better Future (meditation)

Disclaimer: This meditation has to do with imagination, which is connected to the subconscious mind.
There is light/dark aspect to everything. One can use this as a pleasant escapist fantasy, yet one needs
to be cautious and trust one's intuition and not delve into any dangerous fantasies (see the text of meditation
about virtual reality helmets)
. Fantasy of space travels to the moon or to other planets-while doing this meditation
-is another way to enter the subconscious mind.

Suggestion: The best kind of breathing for the 'Better Future' meditation is slow, deep breathing through the nose-through
the stomach, counting to 4 or to 6, then breathing out-through the mouth). Because it takes up more than usual
amount of brain energy; and brain needs more oxygen than usual to perform this meditation positively.

The text of meditation:

     This is my vision of a better future. I think many centuries and a lot of work will be needed to

achieve this future, with the whole humanity working together. It won't be Utopia; suffering will still exist,
some criminals will exist, new diseases will continue to evolve and wars will still happen. But the world
social systems etc. will be better.


   Global warming will happen to a certain extent. NOT a huge flood over the whole Earth, but water

levels will rise to a certain extent and natural disasters will continue to happen till humans will

finally believe that global warming will happen. Then they will finally start taking steps to live in

harmony with their environment, to prevent future increased global warming.

More and more recyclable products and biodegradable products will be invented. The environment

pollution will be dealt with. I think many space-ships with non-recyclable rubbish will be sent to the

Sun, to burn it up safely. Some waste e.g. all nuclear waste etc. cannot be sent safely to the Sun,

because it might produce huge solar flares/cause problems. So scientists will finally invent ways to

biodegrade those harmful wastes in safer way (or possibly a friendly advanced extra-terrestrial

intelligence will teach humans how to safely dispose of all that horrible waste and safely stop

problems like Chernobyl etc.).

   After all the environment pollution/waste will be neutralized, new world order will be established.

There will be recycle bins not just in every building, but in every street. Recycling will become

compulsory and there will be cameras (similar to cameras now) to catch people if they litter the

environment (similar to cameras which catch car speeding). People, who litter the environment will

have to pay fines. There will also be machines invented to biodegrade non-recyclable rubbish in all

buildings and in all the streets too. Women's menstrual products and babies' nappies will be made

out of biodegradable or recyclable materials.

   Religions will become more moderate in their views. Most of the time no emotional pressure to

convert (e.g. mentioning hell as punishment) will be attempted (unlike it often happens now). I

think if preachers of a religion (e.g. Christianity) will be actively looking for more people,

interested in converting, it will be like this: 'Hello. Would you like to hear more about Christianity

and about Jesus Christ, who [Christians believe] gave his life to redeem from sins all humanity,

including you?' If the person says 'No, thank you. I am not interested', the Christian will say 'OK,

it's your choice. Have a nice day.' and then go to the next person and continue asking other people,

if they are interested in converting [in the same way as mentioned above] UNTIL THEY GET AN

ANSWER LIKE 'Yes, please, tell me more'. Then it will be time to share relevant info about

Christianity with that person. Much less discrimination and prejudice (in all belief systems) against

'non-believers' and 'atheists' will exist. Atheists will usually be understanding and accepting towards

religious/spiritual people.

   To save trees, paper will no longer be used for making books and newspapers. All info (books,

newspapers etc. as well as images, videos and audio material [music etc.]) will be stored on evolved

versions of USB drives (each of them will have a lot of memory and will be made from special

invented metals, which can last for thousands of years. Libraries will have shelves full of labelled

USB drives like that. Hologram previews will be available for every USB drive-e.g. In a shape of

open pages of books or pages of internet documents. Libraries will have many levels with elevators

leading from one level to another. Computers will be available on each level, to plug in the USB

drive and view it's info on the screen. USB drives will be borrowed by library-users and returned at

the proper time. Ancient/antique books in their original forms will also be preserved in certain museums.

    Governments and individuals from developed countries will actively help developing countries

develop ways to grow fresh fruits, vegetables etc. and help them develop their own (affordable to

everyone) systems of healthcare, welfare and education, including colleges and Universities. People

will work according to their abilities, to contribute to the society. They will also donate, according

to their ability, some of their money and other resources e.g. clothes etc., which are no longer

needed to those, who are poorer. About 10% will be donated, or less, if the person is poorer. Welfare

systems will make sure that even the poorest people will have access to fresh food, suitable clothes

and places to live, which make them comfortable enough. People who are well-off and have some

land will be encouraged to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables (and if needed, to have their

own animals). This will be so that supermarkets, when one can buy such food would have

affordable prices and will be used mainly by the poor, who do not have their own land to grow such

things or who are disabled and are unable to grow their own food. Disabled people will be accessed

and if they are able to do some kind of work to contribute positively to society or do some

community work, they will be paid for their work (with reasonable salaries, enough to live on


   People will be always taught since childhood (and practice more) eating healthy and in moderation.

Many people will become vegetarians. Some people will still stay omnivores (for health reasons

and for psychological reasons). Animals will be slaughtered in quick, humane ways, to cause them

as little suffering as possible. Then possibly a prayer will be said to apologise to the animal for

taking its life and to thank it for donating its body for humanity's use. Animals will still be used for

medical research. They will be kept in clean cages, given good food and everything else which

would keep them healthy, well exercised and entertained. If any surgeries will be done on those

animals, they would be done with anaesthetics. If those animals will die, possibly a prayer will be

said to apologise to the animal for taking its life and to thank it for donating its body for humanity's

use. Eventually ways of making good quality and, if necessary, warm clothes will be invented,

without the need for using animal skins. Natural parks and gardens will be established, so animals

can live there in natural habitats. If animals will work in circuses, they will also be treated well.

They will be kept in clean cages, given good food and everything else which would keep them

healthy, well exercised and entertained. They will be rewarded for doing their jobs well (by food or

whatever other way would make that animal happy).

  Old age homes and mental institutions will become comfortable places to be in, where people will

be provided with various forms of counselling and therapy and will be given good food, clothes and

places to live. Relatives will always visit people in those institutions, bring them small presents and

home-made food and, when possible, take them home for visits. For people who suffer from

terrible illnesses and who cannot be helped by medicines and who wish to have a quick, painless

death, that option will be available, because unnecessary suffering is not needed.

  In public places cameras will be installed to prevent crime and to catch/convict criminals. Camera

evidence and DNA evidence will be the main types of evidence used in court. People's houses

privacy will be respected. People will choose to install a camera in their home to catch criminals, if

they want. There will be tough laws and reliable tests to make sure that video evidence and DNA

evidence are not falsified and that witnesses tell the truth under oath.

Murderers who are not insane (and who killed NOT in self-defence) will be given life

imprisonment. Insane murderers will be put in mental institutions in isolated rooms for life. For all

other criminals rehabilitation programs will be given. Counsellors/therapists will help them work

through their issues and virtual helmets/video simulations will be given to criminals to help them

learn consequences [for themselves] of crime and effects of crime. Also, steps will be taken to make

sure that criminals do not get injured or negatively influenced by other criminals.

   Education will become much more fun and interesting. Teachers will be required and expected to

give good, interesting examples to help their students learn well. Extra help will be available (via

tutors) to students, who struggle. Bullying will be considered a type of criminal offence and bullies

will be sent to boot-camps. There counsellors will be available to help bullies deal with their issues

and if necessary, virtual reality-helmets simulations will be available to teach bullies the effects of

bullying (via experiments similar 'blue eyes-brown eyes', where the bully would feel for

himself/herself what it is like for a victim of bullying). Other types of training will be available too,

to teach bullies to obey authority, like in modern boot-camps. When the bully will complete their

time in a boot-camp, he/she will apologise to the victim of bullying and will promise to not bully

any-more. Counselling and therapy will be available to all victims of bullying too.

   Art-forms of prehistoric times, ancient times, Middle Ages, Renaissance and 20th century and
future centuries will be preserved in museums and libraries. Operas (by Mozart, Bizet, Puccini etc.)
will still be performed and respected-for some in modern style of costumes and decorations and for

some in classical styles. Musicals and plays will be preserved and performed too. Classical music

concerts and Rock music and various forms of music of 20th century and onwards will be performed too.
Musicians and actors (artists in general) will be respectfully treated by their fans and will treat all their fans
respectfully and not take advantage of vulnerable teen fans. If there will ever be a case that a young teen
fan would say 'I love you, I can't live without you' and cry, that artist will say 'Look, I care about you as a fan,
yet I can't get involved with you, because you are under-age. Here, I'll give you a free signed poster and
please get some counselling, because I don't want you to do something silly and cause harm to yourself,
because I care about you'. If fans are 'of age' the artist will be honest about the situation, not take advantage
of those fans either and of course if something happens, condoms will be used.

   Controls on video programs will be used to make sure that children do not watch things they are not

supposed to watch (NC-17 stuff, adult material). On 11th or 12th birthday each kid will be given

appropriate sex-education books to explain about human reproductive systems, sex and

contraception. Each kid will also be given a virtual reality helmet to explore their curiosity

about growing up and face their fears about growing up and to help release sexual tension. That
helmet's programs will make sure, that fantasies do NOT cause brain/psychological damage. Because

of the invention of virtual helmets drug use and under-age sex (of those under 16) will dramatically

decrease. Parents will always respect their child's privacy (when he/she is a teen). Knocking before

entering his/her room and not reading his/her diary without permission. Children will trust parents

to tell if any problem will occur. Many teens will still have boyfriends/girlfriends and will go to the

movies and dances together. Kissing and only making out in privacy, not in public, (only through

clothes, in a safe way, with mutual consent and without spreading of sexually transmitted

diseases/infections) will happen till at least the age of 16. Some of course will choose to stay virgins

till marriage or till they are adults and really in love. All those choices will be accepted by societies

in the world and respected.

   Men will understand the importance of romance as courtship behaviour. They will want to learn

even basic French and Spanish-to make them better at romance. Dances, such as Australian

Ballroom Dancing and other Latin American dancing will be practised and learned much more

widely. Flowers will still be given as presents-in nice pots or vases with earth, so they will last and

will symbolise lasting love. Or pretty artificial flowers (sprayed with long-lasting flower fragrance)

will be given as presents. No need to destroy living flowers. Many people will become sophisticated

in their fashion and manners, as people of 19th century England. High Society balls (like in 19th

centuries or like Venetian balls) will be given too in some places. Other more futuristic types of

fashion will exist as well.

  Prostitution will stop existing. Instead there will be a respected profession of sex-educators (men

and women). They will be of different styles for straight, gay and bisexual people. If a person, e.g. a

guy, cannot find a long-term girlfriend and would want to know know what women want/need, he

can contact a sex-educator, who will provide a course with videos and other tips. Physical contact

will be given only to explain something important/not understood, with explicit consent of everyone

involved and of course not for an engaged/married person, unless this would be an open marriage

for that engaged/married person. If any physical/sexual contact might happen between sex-educator

and customer/client, condoms will be used. Some of those sex educators will eventually get married

and live usual lives, like everyone else. Religious people will accept gay (and bisexual) people's

right for civil marriages-to promote emotionally healthy, long-term monogamous relationships and

help prevent spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Even the strictest religious people will accept

that condom use is good to prevent spread of diseases and to prevent abortion and they will not be

ashamed to explore and try various sexual positions and read sex education books. People will have

different ways of dressing (some more modest, some more sexy) and all those codes of dress will be


   People who choose long term de-facto marriages will be respected by societies. People who never

get married (or who will choose to stay virgins all their lives, for psychological reasons) or who will

never have children will not be judged by societies, as long as they will contribute positively to the

next generation of children. There will be a philosophy of equality (possibly called 'equalism')

where all kinds of men, women of all races will have the same basic human rights. Men and women

will be paid equally for doing same jobs well.

   If any wars will happen (on Earth or in space, between civilizations), good countries will do their

best to target only military bases of their enemies and cause as little harm to civilians as possible.

Wars will be fought mainly by robots.

Robots will also be used to do a lot of housework.

   People will still have dark fantasies and dark emotions, which will be safely released via virtual

reality helmets, listening to music and creating art, if they are so inclined.

   All products (clothes, food, medication, everything else) will be environmentally friendly. There

will be electricity, which causes no carbon emissions. Cars, trains, ships etc. will be

environmentally friendly.
     Medicinal herbs will be studied and some new medicines will be derived

from them. Conventional medicine will still exist, it will become more sophisticated and will design

safe and non-harmful medications. Many new forms of therapy (and counselling) will be developed.

Many souls will be reincarnated during that time, wishing to heal from their lives' pain.

* http://www.zamzar.com/ lets one convert (for free) a text file (e.g. doc) to mp3. That was the

only option available to me. You can also play simultaneously your favourite meditation track

to enhance the meditation experience.

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